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Welcome to 6asidesoccer.co.uk

 6asidesoccer.co.uk is a brand new concept in 6 a side football.

We aim to bring all of the qualities of the 11 aside game to a 6-a-side format.

We strive on bringing local communities a fun but competitive league for all standards to enjoy. With the strictest discipline structure in the 6-a-side industry you’re guaranteed a safe and friendly environment.

Come and experience the best 6-a-side league in town and receive Free Kit and Free Entry.

With 6asidesoccer.co.uk we only play on the fantastic 3G Astroturf pitches in your local area, benefiting from an exciting quick paced game.

So if you’re ready for the challenge, dust of those boots and register now!

If you have the skills – we have the League!


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